Thursday, December 08, 2005

Make Plans For Posters!

Hey folks!...I'm blogging! I'm really blogging! Haha...anyway, this is an image I cranked out for a show idea that my partner (jared deal) and i came up with. We're currently pitching it around through our company Carnival Cartoons ( Its called "The Pop-Cult Picture Show" and basically its a show hosted by an old, has been, B-movie actor from the fifties. He introduces all these old films that he starred in. The idea is that we get to make all of these cool shorts that pay tribute to that 50s and 60s cheese. For example...there would be a surf flick, a zombie flick, a tuff-guy film noir, robots from space etc. For the pitch, I came up with all these crazy old movie posters and by the end of january once the store on our website gets going we'll be selling some of these bad boys. I'll keep posting em so you can check em out. It was alot of fun coming up with the stuff. So...if you have a 17.5" x 21.5" hole in a wall that you need to cover...or your birdcage needs some fresh paper...keep an eye on our store and you can snap one up through pay-pal! Bloggity-blog-blog!