Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poster Boy

So...the notorious Clio Chiang has worked her magic again for the cartoonapalooza 3 poster (the march event). And...word has it that Ridd Sorensen has fashioned up a fancy poster for number 4. So...I thought i'd get a jump on the cartoonapalooza 5 poster. I love posters...especially Jeff Kleinsmith's SUBpop and Patent Pending stuff. Anyway...heres what I came up with for number 5...simple 4 colors...kinda weird...but i'd love to see this bad boy silk screened.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Carnival Cartoons Store

Alright...after a crapload of blood sweat and tears...we've finally got the Carnival Cartoons Store up and running! Our first offering from this little online emporium is a limited edition vinyl toy of "Buzz Carney - The Tattooed Strongman". Buzz is one of a series of 8 characters Jared Deal (my Carnival Cartoons cohort) and I plan to independently produce based on "The Carneys" an animated series idea we have. The series, and the toyline is a celebration of the freaks, geeks, and tattooed oddities that were once commonly found on the carnival midway. If you collect toys...don't miss out on getting your hands on this ultra rare high quality piece while we still have em in stock! Act now cuz we only made 250...and the first 40 are already sold!

Check out: http://carnivalcartoonsblog.blogspot.com/ to place your order.

And keep checking back at the store for more goodies to waste your hard earned cash on. In the next couple of weeks we'll have some more killer products! Help support the independent artist!

Friday, February 17, 2006


I recently had the good fortune of scoring some extra work from Todd Kaufman's Neptoon Studios... painting up some bgs for a 2 min. promo for a new series called "Camp TV". It was fast and furious...but Todd let me go nuts. Brad Graham...did the drawings(nice work Brad!)...and I dribbled paint on them. Heres a taste! I think the show is gonna be sweet!

All images copyright 2006 camptv productions inc.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've always been into super simple, japanese pop style graphics...heres something i'm working on. Its super simple...but i'm finding...simple is hard!