Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Toy Story 2

Hey...more toy stuff...if you're going to be in Brooklyn around January 13th, advance copies of our Buzz Carney toy will be available at the Stay Gold Gallery (451 Grand Street) as part of a group show featuring artwork by some of NYC's finest artists from the animation biz. I didn't get my shit together in time to land any wall space...but i'll be selling some of the prints I've blah blah blogged about in previous posts in the gallery's store. Good luck to everyone in the show, and thanks to Liz Artinian for including me!

Toy Story

You may have seen this badboy on my partner Jared's blog, but dammit...I can't help myself I had to post it too! We're so excited about our first toy. It was independently produced through our company Carnival Cartoons, with help from Eric Nocella (a kickass toy sculptor!) of Goldmane Entertainment, and Erick Chatel (best project manager ever!) from ESC Toy. The factory is pumping out a limited run of 250 as I write this, and we'll have em by late january. It comes in a fancy display box (that will be numbered) and just for fun we're including a signed certificate of authenticity (like there will be alot of "fakes" floating around). So...if ya want a truly sweet piece of collectible vinyl artwork keep checking back here, and i'll let ya know the final cost and how to get em on the web. If you're in Vancouver, see me in my office at Atomic Cartoons, and i'll sell ya one out of the trunk of my car (haha).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cold War (Of The Worlds)

Heres what i came up with for the cartoonapalooza II poster. Not quite finished, and i dunno if its approved...but I like how it looks so far. I took a little bit of sci-fi cheese, added a dash of old ruskie graphics, and finished it off with a shtickle of good old fashion "gunk" to add a distressed flavor. Can't wait to get em printed!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Red Scare!

Got the go ahead from the big T at Atomic Cartoons to move forward on an idea I had for the poster for February's Cartoonapalooza event. Clio and K.Schmiddy Schmidderson did such a sweet job on the first poster...they inspired me to do something cool! Heres a shoddy ruff concept. I'm going to build it in illustrator and weather it up like an old russian poster. It'll be simple, super graphic, and prolly only 3 colors plus stock color.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ladies of the Night!

Flesh eating zombabes...woah! I like this guy...simple...not too many colors. Our agent loved this one...(maybe hes got a thing for ladies of the night?)... so I had a huge version printed for him. Its 26"x32" with a sweet matte finish. Anyway, it turned out really nicely and hes got it framed and hanging in his office in NYC. Theres something about seeing an image in print as opposed to just on your monitor. When you can touch it, I guess it seems more real. No luck with the show yet...but the suits keep asking for posters!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Surf's Up

Heres another one of those b-movie inspired posters. I saw a little blurb in a magazine this weekend about a book by Matt Warshaw called "Surf Movie Tonight!" Its published by Chronicle books, and its full of old surfer movie poster art. I think i gotta have it! Anyway, it reminded me of this poster.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Drawing

Get it? Sunday Drawing...its sunday and this is a drawing of a sund....nevermind.

Ahhh...the pencil.

A while back I was down in NYC visiting my Carnival Cartoons partner in crime Jared. We were doing some work on our show called "Bitz & Pieces" that we had a deal to develop with Cartoon Network. It was awesome working side by side with JD as typically, we work on stuff separately...(him from the Big Apple, and me from Vancouver) and then email and stuff. But this time both of us cranked out the goods (along with Aaron Augenblick) at Augenblick studios in Brooklyn. Its sure alot easier to throw ideas around when you're both in the same room. Anyway, normally we all work right in flash (no paper), but this time for some reason we decided to do things old school, and we busted out the col-erase pencils. I gotta say, flash is awesome...but nothing beats the feel of those pencils on paper! Ahhh...the endangered species maybe? Anyway, heres a little before and after of some artwork we did in that session.

Friday, December 09, 2005


More of my personal faves!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's In A Name?

Oh yeah...the name. G-fifty was a name that one of my old high school art teachers (Wally Sandvoss) gave me. I used to sign my artwork with my intials..GSO in block letters...I guess it looked like G50. That was ages ago...but I still love reminds me of robots! Speaking of robots...heres another one of those B movie posters I did.

Make Plans For Posters!

Hey folks!...I'm blogging! I'm really blogging! Haha...anyway, this is an image I cranked out for a show idea that my partner (jared deal) and i came up with. We're currently pitching it around through our company Carnival Cartoons ( Its called "The Pop-Cult Picture Show" and basically its a show hosted by an old, has been, B-movie actor from the fifties. He introduces all these old films that he starred in. The idea is that we get to make all of these cool shorts that pay tribute to that 50s and 60s cheese. For example...there would be a surf flick, a zombie flick, a tuff-guy film noir, robots from space etc. For the pitch, I came up with all these crazy old movie posters and by the end of january once the store on our website gets going we'll be selling some of these bad boys. I'll keep posting em so you can check em out. It was alot of fun coming up with the stuff. So...if you have a 17.5" x 21.5" hole in a wall that you need to cover...or your birdcage needs some fresh paper...keep an eye on our store and you can snap one up through pay-pal! Bloggity-blog-blog!