Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ahhh...the pencil.

A while back I was down in NYC visiting my Carnival Cartoons partner in crime Jared. We were doing some work on our show called "Bitz & Pieces" that we had a deal to develop with Cartoon Network. It was awesome working side by side with JD as typically, we work on stuff separately...(him from the Big Apple, and me from Vancouver) and then email and stuff. But this time both of us cranked out the goods (along with Aaron Augenblick) at Augenblick studios in Brooklyn. Its sure alot easier to throw ideas around when you're both in the same room. Anyway, normally we all work right in flash (no paper), but this time for some reason we decided to do things old school, and we busted out the col-erase pencils. I gotta say, flash is awesome...but nothing beats the feel of those pencils on paper! Ahhh...the endangered species maybe? Anyway, heres a little before and after of some artwork we did in that session.