Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Toy Story

You may have seen this badboy on my partner Jared's blog, but dammit...I can't help myself I had to post it too! We're so excited about our first toy. It was independently produced through our company Carnival Cartoons, with help from Eric Nocella (a kickass toy sculptor!) of Goldmane Entertainment, and Erick Chatel (best project manager ever!) from ESC Toy. The factory is pumping out a limited run of 250 as I write this, and we'll have em by late january. It comes in a fancy display box (that will be numbered) and just for fun we're including a signed certificate of authenticity (like there will be alot of "fakes" floating around). So...if ya want a truly sweet piece of collectible vinyl artwork keep checking back here, and i'll let ya know the final cost and how to get em on the web. If you're in Vancouver, see me in my office at Atomic Cartoons, and i'll sell ya one out of the trunk of my car (haha).