Wednesday, January 04, 2006

int. g-fifty's noggin - day

So...i was thinking...maybe I will start a separate blog strictly devoted to bg design. Kinda like the the sooper sweet "Character Design Blog". I love what they are doing with all the character design stuff, and interviews and whatnot. Since i've been designing bgs for the last ten years... i feel like I might be able to offer a word or two of insight, but I'd especially be interested in talking to other bg designers and painters about their process. There is a heap of good stuff out there...and i think it could work. Anybody else agree? Anyway i guess i gotta come up with a name for the blog and stuff...and track some folks down who might let me throw a barrage of questions at them. In the meantime...heres a bg from a short Jared (my carnival cartoons partner) and I are itching to make. The short is called "Feathered Friendzy" and its based on our show idea "Horse & Buggy". Its a real down-home, country style I tried to give the locations a sort of folk art feel.