Thursday, January 26, 2006

What The HELL...ROD?

Heres A couple bits of artwork that I did for a series idea my partner JD and I have. Its called "The Pop-Cult Picture Show"...basically its 26 short films that pay tribute to 50s and 60s b movies. All the short films star the same actor, Hamilton "Hambone" Bonaparte. So...its like a film festival of Hambone's"finest work". Anyway...I did like 26 fake movie posters for the pitch pack...and a bunch of locations. JD (as usual) did some kickass Character stuff! Here's "Turk" a ruff and tumble hood who becomes overly obsessed with souping up his ride..only to find out hes created a mechanical monster...HELLROD! In the flick...Hambone also does hellrod's voice. Yeah..the car talks. Mostly about running people over, lawn jobs, and being thirsty for a swig of oil and stuff. Stupid? Maybe...but i love stupid! In one scene...hellrod goes nuts after someone tries to shove a banana in his tail pipe. He's not that kind of car!